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Tuesday Patriots Notes: Tom Brady, Vince Wilfork, Matt Light

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During football season, it's very rare that you see hardly see any New England Patriots players joking around or being playful. It's all serious and it's all business for at least 16 weeks of the year. If you don't believe me, ask Chad Ochocinco.

But underneath all of the seriousness and true professionalism that defines the Patriots organization, there is a humorous side to them as well. Even their team leader.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady made an appearance in in an Under-Armor produced video that was posted by the website "Funny or Die" that took storm. In the skit, Brady is attempting to buy under armor gear from a California based sports shop, but an annoying salesman pokes fun at his non-existent Boston accent. Brady doesn't take to kindly to the harassment.

"I'm not from Boston! I'm from California," Brady says as he gets in his grill. "I'm a native Californian! I went to Michigan! Now I play for New England! I'm a (bleeping) quarterback, you moron!"

Here's the full video of Brady and the salesman:


Over the weekend, we all got to take a look at Sporting News Columnist Clifton Brown's first piece of his NFL's "best of" series, in which he ranked Bill Belichick second to Tom Coughlin on his Top NFL Coaches list. Turns out most of you didn't agree with Brown's assessment, but you may agree with his next piece.

Brown ranked the best the NFL has to offer at defensive tackle. Coming in at number three on his list was Patriots DT Vince Wilfork, just behind the Ravens' Haloti Ngata and the Bengals' Gino Atkins. Here's what Brown had to sayabout the the four-time pro bowler and Super Bowl champ:

"He has been doing it well for a long time, but there is no reason to think Wilfork will slow down anytime soon," wrote Clifton Brown. "Wilfork shows up big in big games and has become a locker room leader as the Patriots‚ defense has transitioned to younger players. He is an indispensable piece of their defensive unit."


During his 11-year career in the NFL, left tackle Matt Light established himself as a fierce competitor and a high character ambassador for the Patriots. Even though Light is retired from football now, his contributions off the field earned him some recognition.

Over the holiday weekend, Light was honored with the Pop Warner Humanitarian Award, which is given to an individual "who has demonstrated a lasting commitment to youth and the community." He was honored at their All-American Scholastic Banquet in Orlando, Florida. Here's a quick glance at Light's resume:

The former New England Patriot was the perfect candidate for the award based on his work thru his Matt Light Foundation. Their goal is to lead young people down a path to becoming responsible members of their communities by providing youth with unique outdoor learning experiences.