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Patriots Sign RB Joseph Addai

The Patriots continue to flesh out their roster and have brought former Indianapolis Colts running back Joseph Addai into the fold. Addai is 29 years old, 5'11 and 215 lbs. He's a six year veteran and former first round pick and, coincidentally, the first round pick the year before fellow Colts-cast-off receiver Anthony Gonzalez was taken in the first round.

Addai has been injury prone throughout his career, but has generally been effective when he's been on the field. His injuries should be managed in the Patriots committee and he's going to be a depth player on the roster. He's a viable receiver out of the backfield and is an above average pass blocker. He's a do-everything running back that is reminiscent of a younger, much more injury-prone, Kevin Faulk.

In his three healthy seasons of '06, '07, and '09, Addai ran over 200 carries and caught over 40 passes and broke the 1000 yards from scrimmage mark in each season. Addai looks to be a solid rotational back for the Patriots and a veteran presence who can spell Shane Vereen early in the season as the young running backs on the roster continue to grow.

Addai never reached the expectations of Colts fans, similar to Laurence Maroney with Patriots fans, but Addai was always appreciated as a solid player for his effort. He never produced like a first round talent, but the talent was there when he was healthy. Hopefully, he can thrive in New England as part of the committee.