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New England Patriots Links 6/19/12 - Mankins May Be Game-Ready by Week 1

<em>Mankins may start the year on PUP but be ready to go come September</em>.
Mankins may start the year on PUP but be ready to go come September.

Jeff Howe reasons that Rob Gronkowski and Logan Mankins must be doing okay for the team to allow them to play in Joe Andruzzi's charity golf tournament.

The Patriots, like any team, want their players to follow a strict workout routine through different phases of the year, particularly during a rehabilitation process. Injured players also work with the medical staff to determine the appropriate course of action during this five-week stretch before training camp, either by remaining local or heading to an off-site training facility.

"Always grinding, Monday through Friday, always working out, eating right, running," Gronkowski said. "Just keeping on top of it, so when it comes to training camp, you’re ready to get focused."

Therefore, the team knew Gronkowski and Mankins would be playing golf yesterday, and that stamp of approval was an indication that an afternoon on the links jived with their respective recoveries. That should be a good sign as each player prepares for the upcoming season.

Tom E. Curran tells us what the story is on Logan Mankins' injury situation.

I'm told that Mankins is expected to begin training camp on the PUP list (which was expected) and there is every reason to believe he will come off the PUP list before the end of training camp and be ready for the Patriots' opener against the Titans.

His progress was termed as "awesome."



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