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New England Patriots Links 6/21/12 - Patriots Tops in Building Roster Depth

<em>Devin McCourty held his football camp in Vermont precisely because it's harder to get players to bring their camps up there</em>.
Devin McCourty held his football camp in Vermont precisely because it's harder to get players to bring their camps up there.

Pat Kirwan (CBS Sports) Right way to build roster depth? Patriots, Steelers, Bears, Cowboys, Lions do it best.

The biggest question in Foxboro will always be what if Tom Brady goes down with an injury? It happened once before and Matt Cassel answered the bell. Teams around the league tell me Brian Hoyer and backup Ryan Mallet could keep this team running for a month.

As for the other nine criteria, the Patriots did a masterful job in the offseason. Backups on this team include: WRs Deon Branch, Donte Stallworth, Jabar Gaffney, OLs Robert Gallery, Marcus Cannon, RB Joseph Addai, TE Daniel Fells, DLs Jonathan Fanane, Ron Brace, Gerard Warren, LBs Chandler Jones, Donta Hightower, DBs Raz I Dowling and Will Allen, and core special teamers Julian Edelman, Tony Fiametta, Spencer Larson, and Danny Woodhead who can all play a position well.

Alex Abrami (Burlington Free Press) Giving back: Patriots' McCourty coming to Vermont for youth football camp.

So why is a Pro Bowl cornerback from the New England Patriots coming to Vermont?

Just to give back. I know Vermont is a New England state and I thought it was a good opportunity to do something different. I thought it would be something cool and they would really appreciate. (Colchester football coach) Tom Perry said it is hard to get guys to Vermont.

Teaching and working with youth has turned into a mission for you and your twin brother Jason. Did something positive or negative happen in your life to want to make a difference for others?

My father passed away when I was three. When I was young, I could go to the football field or basketball court and just get away. I used to volunteer at a basketball camp in my high school and I always felt kids needed a chance and have something going on in their lives. They needed something to be inspired and to be motivated. I think it’s something me and my brother wanted to do.

How has your life changed since entering the NFL?

The biggest thing is you receive a little more attention and I’ve put more pressure on myself to do more to make a difference. I have to do more than just play football and that’s help out in the community. Why not help others?

What obstacles have your overcome to reach the NFL?

My father passing away was the main one. … Coming out of high school, I wasn’t rated top in the state – they wanted my brother. I looked at it as an opportunity to prove people wrong. It’s always been about proving doubters wrong.