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Could RB Sammy Morris Return to the Patriots in 2012?

Could 35-year-old running back Sammy Morris return to the Patriots in 2012?
Could 35-year-old running back Sammy Morris return to the Patriots in 2012?

[Editor's Note: Marima passed this along in her daily links yesterday, but I figured it was worth its own separate story as well, considering the slow news season. -Greg]

When the Patriots released veteran running back Sammy Morris at the end of training camp in 2011, most, including myself, probably figured that he his final days as a Patriot had come and gone. After being cut by the Patriots, Morris eventually landed with the Cowboys. In three games with Dallas, Morris picked up 98 yards on 28 carries.

Morris is still living in the area, and he recently told the Boston Herald that there is "mutual interest" in a return to the Patriots:

"It's definitely reciprocal," Morris said. "I'm still here. My family is here. My kids still go to school here, so it's definitely reciprocal. I've been around a while, so I kind of just know the deal. Words are one thing, but all I can do is take care of my part. If something materializes, then I know I'll be ready."

Nothing is certain. Morris said the team told him to "just be ready." That is a little strange, though, considering Kevin Faulk [stats] said as recently as Monday that the Pats haven't shown any desire to keep him around for a 14th season. Yet, Morris and Faulk have different roles in the offense, so it's not a perfect correlation.

Morris is a reliable back, but at this point in his career, he really can't be counted on to carry the load for an offense. Nonetheless, Morris is a versatile player who also has value on special teams and at fullback. If the Patriots suffer an injury or two, or if they want to go in a different direction than fullbacks Spencer Larsen and Tony Fiammetta, perhaps Morris will be their guy. For now, Morris will wait and "be ready" should that phone call come.