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Troy Brown Wins TV Spot at Broadcast Bootcamp

Last week, Troy Brown made the news cycle when it was announced that he would be attending the NFL's "Broadcast Bootcamp." Brown apparently did a solid job, because along with former Packers tackle Mark Tauscher, Brown has won a one-game television gig with the NFL. Josh Alper of writes:

Troy Brown played wide receiver and defensive back during his long career with the Patriots and he's adding another position to the list in retirement.

Brown will be a studio analyst for one game as a result of his strong work at the NFL Broadcast Boot Camp in New Jersey this week. Brown was one of 23 current and former players accepted into the six-year-old program designed to help players move into broadcasting when they are done playing. Former Packers tackle Mark Tauscher won the same one-game gig at the end of the four-day camp.

This is awesome news for Troy. Unfortunately, his television spot will only be available overseas, in the United Kingdom. Hopefully, he does a great job that can lead to something for him with the NFL in the states. For now, I wish Troy nothing but the best of luck!