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Patriots Looking into Joint Practices with Buccaneers

A couple of weeks ago, we passed along a story about how the Patriots were discussing holding joint practices with the New Orleans Saints in the 2012 preseason / training camp. While we have yet to hear of any follow up on that story, Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald is reporting that the Patriots and Buccaneers are discussing the possibility of holding joint practices as well:

The Herald has learned the Pats and Bucs have been exploring the possibility to hold joint practices prior to their Aug. 24 preseason game in Tampa, which makes sense given Belichick's relationship with new Bucs coach Greg Schiano. If it happens, it would be a short week for the Patriots, who host the Eagles on Aug. 20. But again, nothing is certain.

It might not be an either/or situation between the Bucs and Saints. Remember, the Patriots held joint practices with both the Saints and Falcons in 2010. If it happens, expect an announcement soon, as coaching staffs and front offices like to set up their training camp schedules before breaking for a few weeks during the summer.

As we've discussed in the past, these joint practices seem to really be a good thing for all parties. They offer a change of pace to the usual practice routine, and are a good chance for players to get extra snaps against unfamiliar players. Hopefully, the Patriots can get these practices scheduled with both the Saints and Buccaneers.