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New England Patriots Links 6/04/12 - Patriots Players Support Each Other at Charity Events and The Celtics at The Garden

<em>Bill Belichick supports the Celtics last night at the Garden, and gets a loud standing ovation from the crowd</em>.
Bill Belichick supports the Celtics last night at the Garden, and gets a loud standing ovation from the crowd.

Field Yates & Mike Rodak get Dan Koppen's quick assessment of Robert Gallery from OTAs.

"He’s coming out and doing his job, working hard and trying to get things right. He’s coming from a different system where he’s gotta learn how we do things. So far, he’s a great guy, he’s a great player, he just comes out and does his work. That’s what OTAs are for, moving guys around, seeing what they can do, what we can do and how much pressure they can handle."

Jeff Howe reports Rob Gronkowski is eager to improve on his production from last season.

"Just work harder every day," Gronkowski said. "Whatever I did last year, I’ve got to work harder than I did last year during the offseason, and during camp and during the season. Just at all times, work harder and outdo it in the weight room, conditioning-wise, what I did the year before."

"There’s definitely a lot of weapons around our offense," Gronkowski said. "It’s great. They’re all hard workers. They’re all great teammates. It’s great just hanging out with everyone. I’m just worried about what I can do to get better and basically focus on my job and do what I’ve got to do to get it done."

Shalise Manza Young reports Julian Edelman believes competition only creates better players.

"That’s part of this business. Every year I’ve been here, there’s been pretty high competition at every position and I think that makes guys better when you’re competing. And if you’re afraid to compete probably you're going to be gone," he said. "So there’s definitely a lot of competition and you’re getting better.

"All I can do is worry about trying to learn the receiver position and whatever they want me to do in any other phase of the game."