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Patriots Humble Beginnings Trivia Quiz: The Answers

The Gronk Abides. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
The Gronk Abides. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Getty Images

So I realized something as I posted the first in a series of New England Patriots Offseason Trivia Quizzes earlier today: who the hell wants to wait a day or two to get the answers to an online trivia quiz? If you’re anything like me, years of bad television and worse internet has given you the attention span of a meth-addicted ferret and you aren’t going to care in the slightest about the answers to a quiz that you took yesterday. So, I think it makes the most sense from here on out for me to post the trivia in the morning and the answers later on that afternoon.If you haven't taken a look at it yet, scroll down a few posts before you follow the jump.

Answers to the New England Patriots Humble Beginnings Trivia Quiz:

1. Who was the first ever owner of the New England Patriots?
Answer: C. Billy Sullivan, Jr. After a lot of networking and more than a few close calls, Billy bought the rights to the eighth and final franchise in the fledgling American Football League for $25,000.

2. In what year did the Patriots play their first ever game?
Answer: B. 1960. The Patriots first ever official game, a preseason one, came on July 30, 1960.

3. Who were the Patriots' first ever opponents (not including preseason)?

Answer: C. The Denver Broncos. The Pats would go on the lose to the Broncos 13-10 to kick off the first of many forgettable regular seasons.

4. Against which team did the Patriots record their first league win (including preseason)?

Answer: C. The Buffalo Bills. The Patriots beat the Bills in the preseason 28-7.

5. Who was the first Patriot to officially sign with the team?

Answer: D. Harvey White. White was the first ever Patriots quarterback, signing his contract in December of 1959. He played in 3 games for the Patriots and finished his only season in Boston with 3 completions on 7 attempts for 44 yards and no touchdowns. The first of many awful signings for the early Patriots.

6. How many games were in the Patriots first-ever season?

Answer: C. 14. The Boston Patriots finished their first season with a 5-9 record, which was good enough for last place in the AFL East.

7. During that first-ever season, which team handed the Patriots their worst loss?

Answer: C. The Dallas Texans. On December 11th, 1960, the Patriots got spanked by the Texans to the tune of 34-0 to drop them to 5-8.

8. All of the following venues were home to the Patriots prior to the opening of Foxboro Stadium. Which stadium served as their LAST home field before their permanent move to Foxboro?

Answer: A. Harvard Stadium. As Foxboro Staduim neared completion, the Patriots played their 1970 season at Harvard Stadium.

9. When did Foxboro stadium open?

Answer: B. 1971. Ironically, 1971 was also the last time any kind of renovation to that dump was made.

10. The Patriots have posted consecutive 10 win seasons since 2003. When was their first-ever 10 win season?

Answer: B. 1964. They went 9-4 in 1961 and 1962, but didn’t break the 10 win barrier until ’64, when they finished 10-3, good enough for 2nd place in the AFL East behind the 12-2 Buffalo Bills.

11. True or False: Pat Patriot was the team's first ever mascot and logo.

Answer: False. While Phil Bissel’s Pat Patriot is the one most associated with the genesis of the team, the first official logo ever was actually a simple tri-corner hat. Check it out here.

12. True or False: to this day, the Patriots original AFL uniforms remain the most badass throwbacks in the NFL.

Answer: You know what the answer to this question is. The Pats still have the best throwback uniforms in the league, and that ain’t never gonna change.

So, how’d you do?