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Patriots Flag Football: Greg's Second Pick

Welker will be smiling like this each time he smokes Alec's porous defense.
Welker will be smiling like this each time he smokes Alec's porous defense.

With his second pick in the draft, Alec Shane followed up his selection of Aaron Hernandez with by choosing cornerback Devin McCourty, who will provide great cover skills and elite athleticism to his team. Not bad, Alec. I suppose you think that the cover skills of McCourty will help neutralize my selection of Julian Edelman. Following my second selection, you'll have to think again.

With my second pick in the Patriots flag football draft, I'm going with another weapon who has elite quickness: veteran wide receiver Wes Welker.

Wes Welker will immediately provide a legitimate second threat to my offense. While his chemistry with quarterback Tom Brady is second to maybe only Deion Branch, Welker still has the quickness and smarts to excel in the flag football game. As I explained with yesterday's selection of Julian Edelman, flag football is a game of quickness and agility. While he's no longer as elusive as Julian Edelman, Wes Welker is still pretty damn agile. I'm confident that Welker will be able to carve up the seven man defense, and alongside Julian Edelman, my offense will be damn near impossible to stop. Devin McCourty hasn't proven to be an elite slot cornerback, and with two good slot receivers on my roster, I think Alec's team will have his hands full, regardless of what ever other cornerbacks he ends up selecting.

Welker will also be a dark horse on defense for my squad. Many people may not know this, but Welker was a pretty good cornerback back in high school (he was defensive player of the year). Actually, let me brag for a minute. If you read my exclusive interview with Welker back from 2010, you would already know that. While Welker won't be an elite cornerback, I'm pretty sure he will be more than capable.

Flag football is a game of high scoring offenses and opportunistic defenses. I'm comfortable enough with Welker and Edelman on defense. Offensively, Alec doesn't have a chance at stopping me. Get ready for the double slot attack.