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New England Patriots Links 7/13/12 - Trainer: McCourty Has "No Limitations" For Shoulder

<em>Devin McCourty's trainer thinks we'll see McCourty play like he did in his rookie year</em>.
Devin McCourty's trainer thinks we'll see McCourty play like he did in his rookie year.

Mary Paoletti reports Devin McCourty's trainer says the Patriots' cornerback is completely recovered from last year's shoulder injury.

Good Energy Training owner Pete Ohnegian can say this about client Devin McCourty: "He really has no limitations at all for his shoulder."

"We don't do rehab here -- that's why I say 'pre-hab' -- but everything is posture-conscious," Ohnegian said. "So even if it's speed work, we're looking at the chest, we're looking at the arm action, we're looking at the shoulder-back and the head neutral. I want to make sure when he leaves here, he's more than ready to go."

With training camp due to start in two weeks, the cornerback works now on strength, mobility and flexibility. He practices coming in and out of cuts. During cone drills, he makes sure he's exploding properly off his plant leg, that his foot is under his shoulder, and his all-around mechanics are good.

Ohnegian mentions McCourty is "naturally gifted" that way.

"If anyone can handle [the struggle and production drop in 2011], it would be Devin. He and his brother haven't changed since high school -- they're just straight-up, first-class young men, completely humble. I wouldn't be surprised if he duplicates his rookie year."

"I think other guys you can attribute it to not working as hard, or getting complacent, or being focused on other things, but none of that is true in his case. That's why I feel like he's going to have a great year."