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New England Patriots Links 7/02/12 - Kyle Arrington Always Fighting

<em>Always a good sign when Kyle Arrington is sprinting down the sideline with the ball</em>.
Always a good sign when Kyle Arrington is sprinting down the sideline with the ball.

Jeff Howe reports Patriots CB Kyle Arrington knows what it’s like to fight for a chance.

"A lot of us have to take the road less traveled for a professional career," Arrington said. "There are a lot of guys under the radar who don’t get the recognition they deserve. I was a late bloomer regarding sports and football. I’m the biggest supporter of kids who put their all into it. If they have the desire and focus, they can go out there and do whatever they want, no matter what the field is. I think it’s a great opportunity to meet the kids, go out with them and see where we’re at."

I had to battle every day," Arrington said. "If I had to think of one specific story, I could sit here all day with you. But I’d say, overall, it was just about staying motivated, work hard, work all the time. If you were sleeping, I’m running. I’m lifting weights. I’m doing something to get better every day, and it’s been like that since high school.

"If you want something so bad, who is anybody to tell you that you can’t get it or you don’t deserve it. And by no means am I content. I still have a lot to work on, and I’m not where I want to be at individually, so I’m still working."