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New England Patriots Links 7/23/12 - Big Man Kyle Love Set on Exceeding Expectations

<em>Bigger things expected this season for big man Kyle Love</em>.
Bigger things expected this season for big man Kyle Love.

Tom E. Curran tells us why shared practices work for the Patriots.

One reason these practices benefit the Patriots so much is they are an established program. There isn't a lot of orientation and installation that needs to be done on either side of the ball. Offensively, the quarterback is a veteran, the offensive line is made up of returning players, the skill players have all played in Josh McDaniels' system. The same goes for the defense.

Jeff Howe notes Kyle Love credits Bill Belichck for the opportunity to play and Vince WIlfork and Pepper Johnson for motivation and drive.

"(Wilfork) always gives me really, really great advice. He motivates me to go a little further," Love said. "And I see the look in his eye. He sees a lot in me, so that gives me a little bit more drive."

...Love is set on exceeding expectations again this season, with or without an extension in place. Just two years ago, he was ready to walk away from the game because of an injury that restricted his ability to play at a high level. Now, Love is coming off a big season and trying to further establish his name in the league.

"It’s just about playing with heart and playing hard," Love said. "That’s all I want to do. I want to leave my mark on this game, like, people remember me as ‘Kyle Love, that guy played hard no matter what. No matter what circumstances, if he was hurt, if it was snowing, whatever the circumstance may be.’ Just be a guy that goes out there and competes, don’t let anybody beat me down or anything like that. Just be the enforcer out there."