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Catching Up On SB Nation Position Rankings

Over at, Ryan Van Bibber has been ranking how each NFL team stacks up at each position. Let's play catch-up, and check out where he ranked the Patriots in the Quarterback, Running Back and Wide Receiver ranking.

Van Bibber Patriots Quarterback Ranking: Third

Only Peyton Manning has more career touchdown passes among active quarterbacks than Patriots QB Tom Brady. I know we are not supposed to put too much emphasis on the number of championships a quarterback has won, but I cannot imagine New England winning three Super Bowls and appearing in two more without Brady at the helm. With Brady now age 34, you do wonder how much longer he can play at this level.

Van Bibber Patriots Running Back Ranking: Twenty-Fourth

Being a running back in New England is the definition of anonymous toil. Nevertheless, this is a group deep with talent. Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen lead the group, both entering their second season with the team. Look for Ridley to pick up some of the goal line work following BenJarvus Green-Ellis' departure.

Van Bibber Patriots Wide Receiver Ranking: Ninth

Wes Welker caught at least 111 passes four times in five seasons since joining the Patriots, leading the league in receptions in three of those seasons. The Patriots added Josh McDaniels-favorite Brandon Lloyd who could be particularly effective as Tom Brady's man down the field. They have Jabar Gaffney, Deion Branch and Donte Stallworth rounding out the unit.