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Patriots Trivia Tuesday: The All-Time Great Patriots

America - HECK YEAH! Or something like that...  (Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)
America - HECK YEAH! Or something like that... (Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Happy 4th of July Eve, everyone!

As we all sit here on the day before the birthday of our country, having already pretty much checked out for the week on Monday morning, three things immediately come to mind. The first, of course, is thank goodness that we all have a day off tomorrow. Nothing quite like spending a Wednesday eating burgers, watching fireworks, and staying hydrated to break things up a bit and make the weekend come faster.

The second - and I think this every year around this time - is thank Tebow that our Founding Fathers decided to sign the Declaration of Independence in July instead of February. Independence Day just wouldn't be the same if we celebrated it by ice fishing and etching American Flag designs on our car windshields with ice scrapers. I'm definitely looking forward to getting some sun on my beer gut tomorrow - I'm starting to resemble the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and I'm none too pleased about it.

And the third, and most important, thing that comes to mind on this 4th of July Eve is that I'm damn proud to be an American. There's nowhere in the world I'd rather live than the good ol' U S of A, and I'm always grateful to have the opportunity every year to take a day to be thankful for all of the freedoms I as a US citizen am able to enjoy.

So I thought it would be fitting, as we get ready to celebrate the most patriotic day of the year, to honor the All-Time Great New England Patriots with today's trivia quiz. There really have been some great players that came through this organization, and now is as good a time as any to test your knowledge of the best players ever to put on a Patriots helmet. So before you dust off your grills and put the steaks in plastic bags to marinate, follow the jump to learn about some of the Boston area's most legendary men.

1. What was quarterback Steve Grogan’s number?
A. 10
B. 12
C. 14
D. 16

2. How many years did Grogan play for the Patriots?
A. 13
B. 14
C. 15
D. 16

3. Who is the only Patriot to have over 200 yards receiving in a single game?
A. Terry Glenn
B. Irving Fryar
C. Randy Moss
D. Stanley Morgan

4. Which of the following Patriots has been selected to the most Pro Bowls?
A. Tom Brady
B. John Hannah
C. Bruce Armstrong
D. Drew Bledsoe

5. Which Patriots quarterback holds the team record for most passing yards in a single season?
A. Tony Eason
B. Steve Grogan
C. Drew Bledsoe
D. Tom Brady

6. True or false: Curtis Martin never had a 100 yard receiving game during his NFL career.
A. True
B. False

7. How many career touchdowns did Curtis Martin have?
A. 96
B. 100
C. 112
D. 119

8. Which Patriot holds the team record for most career receiving yards?
A. Troy Brown
B. Irving Fryar
C. Stanley Morgan
D. Terry Glenn

9. Which player is the current New England Patriots all-time sack leader?
A. Willie McGinest
B. Chris Slade
C. Brent Williams
D. Andre Tippet

10. Who is the only Patriot to ever lead the NFL in scoring in back-to-back seasons?
A. Gino Cappiletti
B. Adam Vinatieri
C. John Smith
D. Irving Friar

11. How many interceptions does Patriots legend Mike Haynes have for his career?
A. 28
B. 30
C. 32
D. 34

12. Which of the following facts about Adam Vinatieri during his tenure with the Patriots is NOT true?
A. 20 game-winning field goals with under a minute to play
B. 81.9% field goal percentage
C. The team’s all-time leading scorer
D. Career-long FG of 57 yards

13. How long was Adam Vinatieri’s fabled field goal in the blinding snow to tie the 2001 AFC Divisional game at 13?
A. 35 yards
B. 40 yards
C. 45 yards
D. 50 yards

14. Which of the following Patriots was NOT a 1st round draft pick?
A. John Hannah
B. Stanley Morgan
C. Ty Law
D. Steve Grogan

15. How many New England Patriots are currently in the Hall of Fame?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

Come back this afternoon for the answers!