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Patriots Flag Football: Greg's First Pick

Edelman will be able to do it all, on both sides, for my Patriots flag football team.
Edelman will be able to do it all, on both sides, for my Patriots flag football team.

This morning, Alec Shane made his first selection for the Patriots "flag football" game. He chose Aaron Hernandez. Not a bad pick for Alec - Hernandez was the number two player on my big board. Fortunately for me, with the second pick, I'll get the hypothetical MVP of this game: WR/QB/DB Julian Edelman.

Flag football is a game of versatility and quickness, and those just happen to be Julian Edelman's two best traits.

On offense, I'll use Edelman at every imaginable spot. Edelman's first position will be wide receiver. Edelman will play primarily in the slot, but can also be used on the outside. He'll constantly be put into motion, and will often line up in the backfield. From there, I can run the play-action, pitch him the ball, or use him as a safety-valve. Considering his experience as a college quarterback, I'd also be able to run some trick plays with him as the quarterback.

And while Edelman's versatility is a primary reason for making him my first pick, it's his yards after the catch ability that really sold me on him. Any football fan that's watched Edelman return punts knows that he is as shifty as they come, and nearly impossible to bring down in the open field. I love how that ability translates to the flag football field. If there was one player on the Patriots with more open field agility than Aaron Hernandez, it's Julian Edelman.

Of course, the silver lining to making Julian Edelman my first round pick, is his experience on the defensive side of the ball. Edelman was forced into action on defense last year for the Patriots, playing the cornerback position, and actually playing at an average NFL level when in the slot. While he isn't a top-notch defender, he's as good as you're going to find for a wide receiver. And for that matter, I can almost guarantee he's a better defender than Aaron Hernandez.

And in case anyone was wondering... yes, Edelman will be my primary punt and kick returner.

Versatile on offense? Check. Proven ability to play defense? Check. Impossible to take down in the open field? Check. Better selection than Aaron Hernandez? Check.

Back to you, Alec. Not a bad first pick, but you're going to have to do better than that round two to beat my squad.