Found our first preseason game highlights on youtube (8 minutes+)

2012 preseason saints vs patriots highlights (via mrhighlight84)

Thought I make a post on it with a couple thoughts.

My first thought is that the main problem looked like the two tackles in that gane: Solder and Cannon. I think Solder will be all right, but this is really the first test for Cannon, and he needs to step up. Both of them. HOwever I won't be surprised is Solder plays average against the Eagles. I have a feeling that it will take more than a couple games to get him transitioned. Good thing mankins may be making an appearance. This is why I love 4 preseason games. lol

ON defense, I'm just thinking of how we just have personnel for pretty much anything.

Our base defense, the 4-3, Looks formidable against the run, while providing some good, but not great, pass rush. I like what Jones did against Bushrod, but I need to see some more consistency. Him and NInk seem to compliment each other well.

Best case scenario for our LBs is to have Spikes come back so we can see the awesomeness of Smash, Crash, and Dash (mayo is freakin' fast). I welcome any suggestions for nicknames to our new LB group. Although I don't see Spikes playing a full season, but I could only hope. If that's the case, than we could see NInk go back to OLB, and Cunningham moving in to take his place at End.

In either case, when we run a 4-2-5 sub package in passing situations, I would like Scott opposite of Jones. I just feel that he has more pass rush ability than Nink and Cunningham. More moves too. I haven't seen much of Fanene yet, but I expect he'll be alongside Wilfork in those situations as well.

Enjoy the video. :)

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