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Preseason Week 4 Game Thread: Patriots at Giants

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NFL Preseason Week Four

New England Patriots at New York Giants

Wednesday, August 29th | 7:00 PM ET

Giants Coverage: Big Blue View

Well, this is it: the Patriots final test run before the regular season begins on September 9th at Tennessee. We're not really sure how much the Patriots starters will play tonight, if they play at all. Quarterback Tom Brady is in uniform, but not expected to play.

That being said, tonight will represent one final chance for a lot of the fringe roster players to make an impression with the coaching staff. Don't forget, it was only three years ago that BenJarvus Green-Ellis' huge game against the Giants in the preseason finale convinced the coaches to keep five running backs. A player such as Brandon Bolden could be facing a similar situation.

As for the game itself, there's a part of me that really wants the Patriots to win, as some type of revenge for Super Bowl XLVI. But then, I reminded myself it's the preseason, and it simply doesn't matter. So, uh, go team! Greg's Prediction: Patriots 27 Giants 24