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Patriots Take 3-0 Lead into Halftime Against Giants

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3 - 0

NFL Preseason Week Four

New England Patriots at New York Giants

Giants Coverage: Big Blue View

First half notes:

  • Patriots second team defense did a nice job against the Giants first stringers on offense. Eli Manning was completely shut down, with the biggest play of the half coming on a big third down Jermaine Cunningham sack. The play from Cunningham should help secure him a roster spot (he actually recorded a second sack on the final play of the half). Other defenders standing out in the first half: Mike Rivera, Ron Brace, Nate Ebner, Tavon Wilson, and Brandon Deaderick.
  • On offense, the Patriots saw limited success, with quarterback Ryan Mallett playing very conservative football. Mallett consistently chose to check down to his short receivers rather than try anything down the field. One bright spot was the running of Brandon Bolden, who came up with 59 yards on 15 carries, making his case for a roster spot.
  • Bigest story of the night: Sebastian Vollmer started and played the first first 2+ series of the first half. He looked solid in pass protection, and moved well on a pull. It's hard to really judge such a small sample size, but the fact that he can even take the field is a step in the right direction. The Patriots are going to need him on the right side this year.
  • Overall, it was a slow game with very simple packages and strategy on both sides of the football. What you would expect out of a fourth preseason game.