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Report: Kenny Britt Suspended For Week One Against Patriots

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According to team sources close to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt will be suspended for the team's Week One game against the Patriots. The team has reportedly suspended the troubled wide receiver one game for his offseason DWI charge.

The 23-year old Britt, who has become a household-name wide receiver in the NFL these past few years, is still recovering from a knee injury that he suffered in September that cost him most of the 2011 season. Britt recently was activated off the team's PUP list, and was believed to be in good enough shape to play against the Patriots.

The news out of Tennessee is certainly good for the Patriots, who will travel there to face them next Sunday. Britt's size and athleticism would have likely wreaked havoc on the likes of Devin McCourty, Pat Chung, as well as the rest of the New England secondary.

The absence of Britt is also a blow to young quarterback Jake Locker, who has been named the Titans starting quarterback. He will now have to likely have to lean on the likes of Nate Washington and Jared Cook in the passing game. Certainly great news that the Patriots will be spared of having to face the Titans' biggest receiving threat.