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Bears vs. Packers: Predictions for Tonight's Game

Alec and I will be making our full slate of picks for this weekends games tomorrow. However, with a Thursday Night Football match-up between the Beras and Packers on the schedule tonight, here are our picks:

Alec: Can't see the Packers losing two in a row at home, even if this Bears offense is legit. Chicago's defense isn't quite up to par with San Francisco's , and Green Bay should be able to pull out the W. Winner: Packers 28-21

Greg: If the Packers blow away the Bears tonight, it will make San Francisco's week one win at Lambeau all the more impressive. And while I don't think this game will get too far away from the Bears, I really can't envision a scenario where Green Bay loses two in a row at home to open the season. The Bears are a good team, but I don't see them pulling off the upset tonight. Winner: Packers 34-20