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New England Patriots Links 9/19/12 - Moving On To Baltimore, and From Brian Waters

<em>Only one of these two QBs will be 2-1 after Sunday night's matchup in Baltimore.</em>
Only one of these two QBs will be 2-1 after Sunday night's matchup in Baltimore.

Bill Belichick turns the page to Baltimore.

It's obviously a real good football team, strong in all three phases of the game like they always are. [They] had a big win against Cincinnati in the opener and a hard fought game against the Eagles last week. I'm sure they probably have the same feeling there that we have here. As usual, they've added some good young players to their roster to go with a solid veteran group. They're very well balanced, well coached, like I said, good in all three phases of the game. As always, they're a hard team to prepare for because they do a lot of things and do a lot of things well. We need a good week of practice here and a good week of preparation to go down there and be ready to go. It should be a great atmosphere down there Sunday night like it always is in that stadium. They have a good football environment; [it's] a good opportunity for us.

Josh McDaniels responds to a question about Wes Welker's numbers being down this year.

Wes played a big role for us the other day. I think it just goes back to the fact that we feel like we've got a number of different guys that can contribute and help our offense and have earned the opportunities that they're getting. I think Wes – whatever it was, we threw the ball his way 12 or 13 times or somewhere in that neighborhood the other day and he made a number of big plays for us. Each game plan ends up different. Sometimes we play guys the majority of the game; other times we feel like using some different rotations may give us some advantages, whether that's a matchup that we end up with in the front or a personnel grouping that we expect the defense to give us, or even formationally, ourselves in terms of what we try to do. I think there are a number of factors that go into our game plan every week, but certainly he is going to be a big part of our game plan each week that we go in and play.

Shalise Manza Young tweets some news about the Brian Waters situation.

shalise manza young ‏@shalisemyoung

seeing questions re Waters: NE offered him *significant* pay raise, presumably as last-ditch effort, and he turned it down. this is on him.