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Thursday Night Football Game Thread: Giants vs. Panthers

The Carolina Panthers and New York Giants will face off tonight to kick off week three of the 2012 NFL season. Feel free to use this thread to discuss the Giants vs. Panthers Thursday Night football game!

Here are mine and Alec's picks for tonight's game:

Alec: The Giants only tend to show up when they are in real trouble, and this game isn't do-or-die for them. Plus Hakeem Nicks is out, and Tom Coughlin may finally have gotten too crotchety for his own good. Panthers 28, Giants 27

Greg: This is a tough one for me to pick - both teams looked flat in week one, but came away with week two victories. I was much more impressed by the Panther's all-around win over the Saints. The Giants are probably the more talented overall team, but I'll give the Panthers the one score win, playing at home. Panthers 30, Giants 23

Who do you have?