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Shootout in Baltimore: Patriots Lead 27-21 After Three Quarters

Note: This is the official Pats Pulpit game thread for week 3.

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27 - 21

Week 3 Game Thread

New England Patriots (1-1) at Baltimore Ravens (1-1)

Ravens Coverage: Baltimore Beatdown

What many expected to be somewhat of a defensive battle has turned into an all-out shootout in Baltimore. After three quarters, the New England Patriots lead the Baltimore Ravens 27-21, and are threatening to extend their lead, with a second and goal opportunity coming up.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been electric all night, having completed 22 of 30 passes for 287 yards and a touchdown through three quarters. The Patriots also have two touchdowns on the ground, including a score by Danny Woodhead that gave the Patriots back the lead in the third quarter.

The game has been physical, chippy, and really fun to watch. For now, all we can do is sit back, and hope the Patriots pull this one out.