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Patriots vs. Ravens: By the Numbers

Highlighting a few numbers that stood out from the Patriots 31-30 week three loss to the Baltimore Ravens:


Total net yards surrendered by the Patriots to the Ravens. After a first quarter in which the Patriots didn't surrender a single first down, the defense was gashed left and right by both the pass and the run in the remaining three quarters. It took the Ravens all of three plays to get into field goal range on that final drive.


Total number of accepted penalties in tonight's game. That's just not the way football should be played.


Total yards per carry from the Patriots rushing attack tonight. Those numbers are partially skewed by a 14-yard-loss on a Julian Edelman reverse, but nonetheless, it was clear that the Patriots' didn't have a strong running attack to back up Tom Brady tonight.


Total completions and targets to the Patriots' top two receivers: Brandon Lloyd and Wes Welker. It's apparent that Tom Brady is really starting to develop a rhythm with Brandon Lloyd, and that can only mean danger for opposing defenses.


Total targets for Rob Gronkowski in this game. He finished the contest with just two catches for 21 yards, and continues his slow start to the season. Teams are clearly game-planning to take him out, and it appears to be working thus far.


Total sacks and quarterback hits for the Patriots on Joe Flacco. Sure, the Ravens were getting away with holding from time to time, but don't be mistaken: they stonewalled the Patriots pass rush. At one point, Patriots LE Rob Ninkovich was replaced by Trevor Scott.


Tom Brady's quarterback rating, although that doesn't even really reflect the excellent game he had. Brady was on, and he only struggled to make plays when he was hurried or sacked. Brady responded really well to his poor week two performance. Unfortunately, a porous defense and questionable officiating spoiled the potential win.


Total yards per carry surrendered by the Patriots' run defense against the Ravens. The unit had looked stellar through two weeks, but couldn't stop Ray Rice, who gouged them for 101 yards on 20 carries. Just an opinion, but it looked like the Patriots overcompensated with extra defensive backs when they had the lead, and couldn't stop Rice when the Patriots decided to run it straight down their throat.