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New England Patriots Links 9/28/12 - NFL Scout: Patriots Must Slow Bills' Pass Rush

New England Patriots Daily News and Links for 9/28/12

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Christopher Price gives us one scout's breakdown of Pats-Bills. Slowing Buffalo's pass rush is key.

"Against Buffalo, Tom Brady and Patriots will need to do a good job of mixing in runs and screens to slow down a Bills pass rush that is facing an occasionally inconsistent offensive line. The Patriots should be able to run the ball -- and even create the impression that they are willing to run the ball -- even if not successful early. The different screens the Patriots run will get the ball out of Brady’s hands quick, and also make the defensive line run and chase and hopefully tire them out over the long haul. The screen game will essentially be extended handoffs."

"Bills pressure will be different than what the Patriots faced last week vs. Baltimore -- Baltimore brought more pressure from different looks, where they would overload a side and bring rushers from different places. Buffalo is built to get pressure with their front four. They will look for match-ups and try to use inside rushes to prevent Brady from stepping up in the pocket and allow big-money edge rushers to get there against the Patriots tackles."