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Patriots Flip Script, Tie Bills at 21 Heading into 4th Quarter

Trailing 21-7 midway through the 3rd quarter, there was very little reason to be optimistic about the Patriots season. But over the course of just a few minutes of actual football time, the Patriots managed to turn around the game, and now are tied with the Bills at 21 headed into the fourth quarter.

The Patriots have been boosted by a dynamic running game. Rookie free agent Brandon Bolden has 93 yards on 10 carries, while second year pro Stevan Ridley has 91 yards on 17 carries, including a first quarter touchdown.

In the passing game, Tom Brady has been pinpoint on nearly all of his throws. However, outside of Wes Welker, he's received little help from his supporting cast, and has constantly been having to escape sacks to create time and make plays. Brady bought time to connect with Danny Woodhead on a 17 yard touchdown, then escaped pressure to run for a score of his own to tie the game at 21.

This game is far from over, but if the Patriots can keep their foot on the gas pedal, they'll have a chance to cap the comeback.

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