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Vince Wilfork's Big Hit on Bills WR Donald Jones

The Patriots defense had an up and down day in their 52-28 win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. They had some miscues and miscommunication in pass coverage, which led to several big plays by the Bills, and 350 passing yards by quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

However, the Patriots seemed to match every big play allowed with a big play of their own. They intercepted Ryan Fitzpatrick four times, caused two fumbles, made constant big hits, and picked up three sacks on a Bills' offensive line that had allowed just one sack all year heading into the match-up.

One of the biggest defensive plays of the day came from Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork. With 11:42 to go in the game, Wilfork read a Ryan Fitzpatrick first down pass intended for Donald Jones short over the middle perfectly, dropping into coverage and closing on Jones at full Wilfork speed.

The result? A beautiful demonstration of momentum and physics. Let's take a quick look:


Um... ouch.