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New England Patriots Links 9/04/12 - Turning To Tennessee

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<em>"I'd like to order some real football please."  </em>
"I'd like to order some real football please."

Mike Reiss notes Bill Belichick can finally turn his attention to the Tennessee Titans.

"Today is really our first big full day on Tennessee, kind of like a normal Wednesday would be for us," he explained. "We'll try to catch up on all three phases of the game here. Tennessee is a well-balanced team. Very good. Well coached. They have a lot of young players on their team, but they also have a good sprinkling of veteran players that are very good [and] consistent. They do a lot of things well in all three areas, and we know it will be a great atmosphere down there, a lot of intensity down there, against a good football team. We'll start getting ready for it here, with things like the noise, to try to prepare our team the best we can for what we'll see on Sunday."

QB Jame Locker and his athleticism. "We did work on him coming out [of the draft in 2011], and I think he's pretty much the same player that we expected to see -- athletic, good arm, smart guy. He can certainly get the ball down the field and he's a hard guy to tackle. He's elusive."

Tough to replicate Johnson's speed. "Chris Johnson has tremendous speed. They have good backs all the way through, but Johnson's speed is unique. It's hard to replicate that. We need to do that, so when we see it in the game we're not surprised by it."

Pressure the Titans have generated along the d-line. "Certainly [Kamerion] Wimbley is an experienced guy and he gives them a good edge presence. They have a young defensive line and they get a lot of pressure from everywhere, really. [Karl] Klug gave them a lot of pressure inside last year [7 sacks]. They have good edge rushers. They have good inside rushers. They're athletic. They're quick. They don't stay blocked very long, whether it's the run or the pass. It's a very active defensive line. They have good depth. They roll those guys through. They play a couple groups in there, so whoever is active I'm sure we'll see most of them."