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Patriots Week One Recap: Game Breakers

I've decided to start doing a two- part weekly segment called Game breakers and Game makers. Game breakers are crucial plays (or calls) that had a huge impact on the outcome of the game. Game makers are smaller plays that might not be as heralded during the week, but contributed to the outcome. I had three main game breakers this week, because the Patriots seemed to have the game well within hand for the second half. Overall, it was an outstanding effort on both sides of the ball.

Game Breakers:

1. The pass interference non-call on Devin McCourty in the first quarter. The Titans would have gotten a first down at the 1-yard line, but instead had to settle for a field goal. Tennessee came out with a hot start, and were making plays all over the field for that opening drive. They seemed to lose a little swagger settling for 3.

2. Tavon Wilson's acrobatic interception. It seemed to me that Kyle Arrington may have been slightly physical on the play, but the ball caromed off his face mask and stayed up in the air just long enough for Wilson to get his hands on it. Great hands for the rookie, and great awareness to not quit on the play.

3. Chander Jones' strip sack, Hightower recovery and touchdown. The first three draft picks from this year register in this week's Game Breakers, which is a good sign for the future of the defense. Jones was quiet most of the day, but picked the time to pull out his best move and made it count, not only getting to Jake Locker but also making a play on the ball. Hightower showed great hands and good athleticism, and confidence in himself by not falling on the ball.