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Patriots Bring 28-10 Lead into 4th Quarter Against Titans

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28 - 10

Week 1 NFL Game Thread

New England Patriots (0-0) at Tennessee Titans (0-0)

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Third quarter thoughts:

  • A bit of a slow third quarter from the Patriots after a dominating first half. The offense couldn't muster any points on their first two possessions of the quarter, and the Titans moved quickly down the field for an 80 yard touchdown to open the third quarter.
  • Absolute domination from Stevan Ridley on the Patriots' drive to open the third quarter. It's obvious that he's more physically talented than BenJarvus Green-Ellis -- but can he be as consistent? Tremendous start to the year though, as Ridley has 106 yards and a touchdown on 18 carries through three quarters.
  • Tom Brady looked a little off in the third quarter, but still completed some timely completions. Patriots are spreading the ball around very well, but one can't help but wonder: where is Wes Welker? The receiver has only two catches for six yards to this point.
  • Tough call on the overturned interception from Devin McCourty. He looked like he had possession going to the ground, but simply couldn't hang on all the way through. He's had a solid game otherwise.
  • Really impressive touchdown throw from Jake Locker to Nate Washington. Locker rolled to the right, had Chandler Jones draped all over him, and took advantage of a bad angle by Steve Gregory in the secondary.