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Patriots vs. Titans: By the Numbers

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Highlighting a few numbers that stood out from the Patriots 34-13 victory over the Tennessee Titans in the season opener:


The Patriots run-pass ratio in today's game. That's the type of ratio that leads to ball control and victories. Tom Brady, after the game, said himself that the "30" mark is the number to shoot for. The Patriots also had 25 first downs on the day - 13 on the ground compared to 12 in the air.


Points allowed by the Patriots. The Titans don't have the league's most explosive offense, but they are solid. And holding any NFL team to 13 points in September is a positive. The defense is far from perfect, but there was a lot to be excited about following today's big win.


Total rushing yards by Titans' star running back Chris Johnson on eleven attempts. Johnson wasn't as decisive as he should have been, but don't be fooled: the Patriots running defense was simply dominating today.


Total tackles by the Patriots top three draft picks - Chandler Jones, Dont'a Hightower, and Tavon Wilson - in today's game. Wilson had a big first half interception, whilst Jones and Hightower combined for a strip-sack, fumble recovery touchdown in the second quarter.


The Titans' third down efficiency against the Patriots. That's good for 35%. The Patriots were 28th in the league on third down defense in 2011, and were dead last in 2010. Again, it's early, but that's just another positive sign for the unit.


Number of receivers Tom Brady completed passes to on the afternoon. Brady spread the ball around nicely, and didn't rely too much on any one receiver. That's a nice change from 2011, when it seemed like the only four players capable of catching passes were Branch, Welker, Hernandez, and Gronkowski.


Rushing yards for Stevan Ridley. Can't say enough about his performance today.


Turnovers for the Patriots, compared to 2 for the Titans (they also had two overturned). It's numbers like those that make the difference in football games.