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Divisional Playoffs: Ravens vs. Broncos Game Thread

Game thread and prediction for the Ravens vs. Broncos Divisional Playoff match-up.


The Divisional Playoffs are here! And while the New England Patriots don't kick off for another 24 hours, the Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos will face off today at 4:30 PM ET in a game that will determine the Patriots potential AFC Championship opponent.

The Patriots defeated the Broncos in week 5, but lost to the Ravens in week 3. Nonetheless, the Broncos are the hotter team right now, winners of 11 straight. If the Broncos were to win today, and the Patriots were to win tomorrow against the Texans, New England would travel to Denver in the AFC Championship. Were the Ravens to pull off the upset and the Patriots to win, the Patriots would host Baltimore in the Championship game.

So while we'd all like to see a Manning vs. Brady match-up, I think most Patriots fans would prefer to see a more favorable match-up, which would be the Ravens. Nonetheless, I still think the Broncos win this game at home. Greg's Prediction: Broncos 24 Ravens 17

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