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A Quick Rant, if I May

I'm about to get really smug and obnoxious right now. I'm sorry.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Do I feel exceptionally dirty having rooted for the Baltimore Ravens for two straight weeks? You bet I do. Am I going to have to take myself a long, hot shower to wash all the stink off? Absolutely. Do I have pretty serious issues? I think we all established that a long, long time ago.

But I'll deal with all that later. What I'd very much like to say right now, in case the sports media currently forgets this juicy little tidbit, is that Peyton Manning only took the Denver Broncos as far as the AFC Divisional Round. He was able to lead his team to an AFC West Title, but couldn't deliver in the playoffs and Denver lost in the Divisional Round.

Now maybe my memory is foggy; a lot of beer and fried food have gone down my gullet over the past year, and Lord knows I have done absolutely nothing to keep my brain sharp. However, I think I remember another Denver quarterback who did last year exactly what Manning did this year. He won his division, made the playoffs, but ended up losing in the Divisional Round. There was a lot of hype all last season in Denver about the new phenom QB who always found a way to win games. Some of his wins were the stuff of legend, come from behind victories seemingly out of nowhere when everyone else had counted them out.

And what was said phenom's name? You didn't see much of him this year; he spent the season backing up a quarterback who buttfumbled his way into the history books in 2012. But he was around. And he'll be around next year, too, in some form or other. That's right - Denver's last quarterback was one Tim Tebow.

Stay with me here, folks - this gets complicated. On one hand, we have Tim Tebow losing in the 2nd Round of the playoffs. On the other hand, we have Peyton Manning losing in the 2nd Round of the Playoffs. To put two and two together, that means that Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning have fared pretty much the same over the past two years when all is said and done.

Peyton Manning's 2012 season ended no better than Tim Tebow's 2011 season. That is all.

Nice pick, Peyton. Suck it.