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Ravens Top Broncos: Patriots Could Host AFC Championship

With the Ravens' 38-35 double overtime victory over the Broncos, the winner of tomorrow's Patriots vs. Texans game will host the AFC Championship.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It was dramatic. It was a nail biter. It was one of the greatest playoff games I've ever seen. And in the end, the Batlimore Ravens 38-35 double overtime upset victory over the AFC's #1 seed, the Denver Broncos, achieves one thing for the Patriots: a chance to host the AFC Championship.

Of course, it's still a long ways away. The Patriots have an opponent of their own tomorrow, the Houston Texans. In no way, shape, or form should fans look past that game. You certainly know that the players and coaches won't.

But for both Texans and Patriots fans, tonight's Ravens victory guarantees one thing for tomorrow's winner: the chance to host the AFC Championship game on their home turf.

Both the Patriots and Texans played the Ravens in the 2011 playoffs, which adds another layer to those potential match-ups. The Ravens beat the Texans in the Divisional Playoffs, while the Patriots topped the Ravens a week later in the AFC Championship.