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Patriots Take 7-3 Lead Over Texans After One

It wasn't a promising start for the Patriots, but the Patriots were able to finish the first quarter with a four point lead. On the opening kick-off, they allowed a 94 yard return to Danieal Manning, which resulted in a Texans field goal.

They proceeded to go three and out on their opening drive, and had Rob Gronkowski and Danny Woodhead go down with injury. Gronkowski's in particular, looked serious as he appeared to aggravate his broken left arm.

Nonetheless, the Patriots were able to answer, with a 65 yard touchdown drive near the end of the quarter. On the drive, the Patriots were keyed by two first downs from Stevan Ridley - one on a run and the other through the air. The big play of the drive was a 25 yard Tom Brady to Shane Vereen catch and run.

The Patriots hold a 7-3 lead after one quarter. The Texans have the ball and are driving, close to midfield.