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AFC Championship: Wind Could Be a Factor at Gillette Stadium

The latest weather forecast indicates strong wind at Gillette Stadium tonight.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The latest weather forecast for kickoff at today's AFC Championship is 36 degrees with wind gusts up to 17 m.p.h.

Currently, it's 43 degrees at Gillette Stadium with wind gusts up to 18 m.p.h.

With both teams relying heavily on their quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Joe Flacco, the wind most certainly could be a factor during the AFC Championship Game.

Not to mention the winds affecting the quarterbacks and each team's passing attack, the winds will have a major impact on the kicking game. There might be situations where one team might feel that going for it on fourth down or trying a pooch-punt rather than kicking into a strong wind would be the better choice.

Gusts of wind will be the lone weather factor for tonight's game, as there's zero percent chance of precipitation throughout the night at Foxboro.

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