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Game Thread: Ravens Lead 14-13 After Three

The Patriots looked to be off to the races after the defense flashed another impressive series to begin the second half. The offense looked to be driving, and a huge personal foul on Bernard Pollard tacked on another 15 yards on a huge Wes Welker catch as the Patriots were situated in Ravens' territory. A wide open Wes Welker dropped a surefire catch that would have easily extended the drive as the Patriots squandered another opportunity and were forced to punt in gusty winds.

The Ravens took control on offense, letting Joe Flacco air it out and finding success against a battered Patriot secondary. The result was a five-yard touchdown pass to TE Dennis Pitta, and the Ravens—after being flummoxed most of the game—took the lead.

The Patriots looked to have a drive of their own until a Nate Solder holding penalty nullified a short Danny Woodhead catch for a first down. Tom Brady missed Aaron Hernandez on 3rd-and-12, and the Patriots were forced to punt once again.

The Ravens were in business once again as Joe Flacco connected deep with Torrey Smith to set up shop in Patriot territory. A few short throws to Dennis Pitta and Anquan Boldin, and the Ravens are once again looking to score six as they find themselves with another first-and-goal.

The Patriot defense better make the necessary adjustments—fast—if they have any hope of staying in this game. It would certainly help if the Patriot offense held up their end of the bargain as well and, while they've had plenty of success moving the ball all game long, have failed to put up the points when it mattered.