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AFC Championship: Terrell Suggs Sounds Off on the Patriots

Terrell Suggs decided to sound off on the New England Patriots following the AFC Championship.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Is this really surprising to you after all?

To me? I'm not surprised at all.

I mean, Terrell Suggs is T Sizzle and T Sizzle is what? Well T Sizzle—you guessed it.

After beating the New England Patriots 28-13 at Gillette Stadium to advance to Super Bowl XLVII, the five-time Pro Bowler decided to sound off:

In my honest opinion, I have no problem with what Suggs had to say—it comes with the territory.

The Baltimore Ravens beat the New England Patriots—it's just that simple. The better team won Sunday night, so Suggs can say whatever he wants to say.

Is it classless? I don't think so. He has earned every right to say what he wants. He is an AFC champion.

For all you Patriots fans out there that might take offense to what Suggs said, let's take a little trip down memory lane.

Remember when the Patriots were waving the towels around in Pittsburgh back in the 2001 season, mocking Pittsburgh's terrible towel? Remember when the Patriots mocked Terrell Owens' Eagles touchdown dance in Super Bowl XXXIX? Remember when the Patriots were mocking San Diego's Shawne Merriman's lights-out dance?

So if you say Suggs is classless, well aren't you calling your own team classless as well?

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