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Details on Armond Armstead Contract

Breaking down the details of the contract signed by rookie defensive lineman Armond Armstead.

Harry How

Further details have been released on the contract signed by rookie defensive lineman Armond Armstead. The pact, in total, is a three year deal worth $1.485 million. ESPN Boston writes that $655,000 of that total figure is guaranteed, including Armstead's entire base salary for 2013, as well as part of his 2014 base salary. Each year of the contract breaks down like this:

2013: Base salary of $405,000, fully guaranteed

2014: Base salary of $495,000, with $250,000 guaranteed

2015: Base salary of $585,000, with no guarantees

Overall, this is a bargain price for a player who many have deemed the equivalent of a high draft pick. For example, the Patriots second round pick from 2012, Tavon Wilson, received a four year deal worth $4.217 million, including a signing bonus of $1.507 million. The deal is also superior in guaranteed money to that of Jeff Demps, whom the team signed in training camp. Demps received a three year deal with $211,000 in total guarantees.

The guaranteed portion of Armstead's deal indicates that there was competition to sign him, but overall, this is an inexpensive contract that gives the Patriots control of Armstead for up to four seasons, as he will be a restricted free agent at the expiration of this deal.