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Welcome one and all to the Pats Pulpit Fantasy Island

We all know there are a few changes we could make to the Patriots that would push them over the edge. The problem with the draft is that the players are unproven in the NFL. Here we keep it simple. Your own private genie will allow you to pull any five active players onto your roster in the blink of an eye. Who do you chose and why?

Dominating deep threat?  Check!
Dominating deep threat? Check!
Gregory Shamus

People have been pointing out that the Patriots offense needs a little extra something when it comes to the playoffs. Without Gronk our red zone targets are limited and our undersized receivers aren't optimum sideline threats.

Hmmmm, dominating receiver? Wish number 1: Calvin Johnson - Gronk's brother from a different mother.

Megatron gives us that outside and red zone threat at wide receiver that we haven't had since Randy Moss had his resurgence in Foxborough. With Calvin on the outside and Gronk up the seam, it just doesn't seem fair to defenses. Well, actually, that's the point.

Now in addition to this, I'd also like a pure speed threat - like a DeSean Jackson, but I don't think we'd use a guy like that often enough to warrant it. It makes the defense have to react differently, but the free safety's focus is now securely on Megatron, so that mission is accomplished.

As much as I loved our revamped running game this year, I'm going to not only push it to a new level. I'm going to make defensive coordinators curl into a fetal position and cry.

Dominating running back? Wish number 2: Adrian Peterson - All Day, every day.

Tom Brady, the Gronk, Megatron, Herndo, Slot Machine, and All Day on the same team? Defenses are outmanned at every and all positions. I can just see the mass exodus as DCs leave the AFC East in droves. Stick any 11 guys on the field at defense and we'll beat them All Day long.

One problem with that much talent on offense is getting everybody the ball. We just need to have more balls to go around. That means the defense is going to have to get us the ball back early and often. First, let's get some more pressure on the quarterback.

Dominating outside rusher? Wish number 3: J. J. Watt - Nobody has more sacks than Watt this year. Watt's up with that?

Not only can Watt hit the QB, he can stay home and knock his passes out of the air better than anybody currently in the game. Just because we slowed him down twice (with Brady's incredible quick release) doesn't mean other teams can. Now I know what you're going to say, inside pressure is better than outside pressure, and you're right.

Dominating inside rusher? Wish number 4: Geno Atkins - Nobody has more sacks or forced fumbles from the DT position.

Big Vince eats blockers. Geno sheds them. Add in some stunts to the line and QBs will be very uncomfortable up front. Of course that only works if you can lock down guys on the back end. While it might be tempting to grab Revis here on Fantasy Island, I'm not sure how his knee will be and we are looking to win now. Ed Reed might also be good, but we may get him through normal means.

Shutdown corner? Wish number 5: Richard Sherman - yeah, that guy.

Yeah, I don't really like the guy. Marima mentioned something about a donkey and a hat, but 24 passes defended, 8 interceptions (1 for a TD), and even a sack make me willing to give him a second chance.

So that's my dream picks, what's yours?