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Patriots "Highly Interested" in Darrelle Revis, But Don't Get Your Hopes Up

The New England Patriots are one of several teams "highly interested" in Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis -- but don't be quick to get your hopes up.


By now, you've probably heard the news: the New York Jets are strongly weighing the possibility of trading All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis. The Patriots, as you also probably know, have some glaring weaknesses in their secondary. With cornerbacks Aqib Talib and Kyle Arrington likely to hit the open market, and the safety position anything but a sure thing, the Patriots have some serious work to do this offseason in the secondary.

That being said, CBS Sports' Mike Freeman is reporting that the New England Patriots are one of many teams interested in the services of Darrelle Revis, in a market that is supposedly the equivalent of a "gold rush forming:"

Sources say one of the teams highly interested is the New England Patriots, but not even the Jets, who have made some screwy decisions over the years, would trade Revis to the division-rival Patriots and, in the process, hand them a Super Bowl.

So there you go, the Patriots are interested, but it probably won't be happening. As for the potential cost to land Revis from the league's other 30 teams:

Several team sources are claiming the Jets want a first- and second-round pick for Revis, which is astronomical payment considering Revis -- while one of the best players in all of football -- is coming off knee surgery and will want a hefty contract.

One could only posture what the Jets would demand from the Patriots to get a Revis trade completed. Would it be two first round picks and a second round pick? More? The Patriots haven't often given up high draft picks for players, with the second round choices shipped out for Corey Dillon and Wes Welker being the only real examples in the Bill Belichick era.

That being said, Darrelle Revis is the type of player that could shore up just about every weakness on the Patriots' defense. If Bill Belichick truly believed that Revis was the last piece to the puzzle, perhaps he would surrender an astronomical amount of assets. Revis is only 27, and although he's coming ACL surgery, do you really think that will hold him back going forward?

It would truly take a lot of things to make this happen for the Patriots, and I really wouldn't hold your breath on anything happening. But hey, what's the offseason without a little harmless day dreaming?