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Wild Card Game Thread: Bengals vs. Texans

Use this thread to discuss the Bengals vs. Texans Wild Card match-up!

Thomas B. Shea

We're finally here: playoff time!

This afternoon, the AFC's 6th seed, the Cincinnati Bengals, will travel to Houston to take on the AFC South Champions, the Houston Texans.

If the Texans hold on to win at home, the will play the New England Patriots next Sunday. As the number two seed, the Patriots will play the highest seed to come out of the Wild Card round in the AFC this weekend. Should the Bengals pull off the upset, the Patriots will play the winner of tomorrow's Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens game in the Divisional Playoffs.

As for this game, I think the Bengals will extract revenge for last year's Wild Card loss. The Bengals are one of the league's hottest teams, winners of seven of their last eight. They've found a running game in BenJarvus Green-Ellis. Andy Dalton to AJ Green is one of the league's most prolific tandems. Up front defensively, they have one of the most dominating front fours in football from Michael Johnson, to Geno Atkins, who is the game's best penetrating interior lineman. Houston has struggled mightily as of late, and that's never a good thing heading into the postseason. Greg's Prediction: Bengals 27 Texans 24

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