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AFC Wild Card Game Thread: Colts vs. Ravens

Feel free to use this thread to discuss the Colts vs. Ravens AFC Wild Card match-up.

Al Bello

The New England Patriots are set playing the Houston Texans in next Sunday's Divisional Playoffs. However, the other AFC match-up has yet to be set, as the Denver Broncos wait to play the winner of todays Baltimore Ravens vs. Indianapolis Colts game.

The Ravens have struggled a bit as of late, while the Colts are riding high after beating their division rivals, the Houston Texans, in week 17. It was a game that marked the return of coach Chuck Pagano to the sidelines following his diagnosis with Leukemia after week three.

As for my prediction, I see the Ravens winning here, despite their recent struggles. While the Colts will obviously still be running on emotion, the fact that this could be Ray Lewis' last game or last home game as a Raven - don't think there's going to be any matching that intensity. They're also at home, and M&T Bank Stadium is very difficult to play at... especially in January. Greg's Prediction: Ravens 23 Colts 17

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