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GNOTD: TE Rob Gronkowski Cleared to Play

Happy days! The Patriots might get their red zone offense back!


Anyone else in the mood for some good news? Pro Football Talk is reporting that All World tight end Rob Gronkowski has been cleared by all of his doctors to play this upcoming Sunday against the Jets. Agent Drew Rosenhaus, often vocal about protecting his clients, spoke with PFT to break the news.

Gronkowski has been recovering from, by my estimate, eleventy-three surgeries and has been fighting to get back on the field after multiple setbacks. Gronk has missed time over the last two seasons due to injuries so the Patriots and Gronkowski have had it in their best interest to have him be 100% before he returned to the field.

Prior to the season, the team had the potential option to put Gronk on the PUP list, saving a roster spot, and Gronk would have been able to be activated this week anyways. However, by keeping him on the active roster, Gronk has been able to practice with the team and he should be more up to football than he would have been if he was placed on the PUP.

Gronk was rewarded the black Practice Player of the Week jersey for his mimicking of Jimmy Graham in the week leading up to the Saints game.