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Patriots vs. Jets: Fan Notes from the Game

Notes, musings, and observations from the New England Patriots' 30-27 loss to the New York Jets.

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I debated making this entire article just that one word, because that's how I'm feeling right now. Just one big fat pile of Ugh. The game started out great, took a significant turn for the worse, started to look up, and then ended up pinning me down and ripping my heart out of my chest while laughing in my face. And to make matters worse, to add a big giant Eff You to the whole ordeal, the loss came against everyone's favorite team, the New York Jets. The Jets are going to be running their mouths all damn week and spend Victory Monday planning their parade route through the streets of New York while the Patriots are going to get back to work and get ready for another huge divisional game against the Miami Dolphins.

Let's just hurry up and get to the notes so we can get back to hydrating. No need to wait until tomorrow for this one.

  • I remember thinking to myself right before kickoff, "If that Josh Cribbs has a big day in the return game, Bill Belichick is going to have some explaining to do." Cribbs was on New England's radar in preseason, but they never pursued him seriously.
  • Dont'a Hightower is a serious coverage liability. Jeff Cumberland isn't exactly an elite tight end.
  • Steve Gregory needs to learn to take better angles. It seems like once a game he comes at a play from the wrong side and gives up a play.
  • New England was completely unable to stop Chris Ivory during their first meeting when Wilfork and Kelly were in the game; luckily (and inexplicably), the Jets completely abandoned him in the 2nd half.
  • Why oh why can't Kyle Arrington cover on the outside? Is the slot really that different?
  • Who else was absolutely terrified that Gronk was going to get injured on his very first snap on 2013?
  • Aaron Dobson runs a very good quick out route - probably his strongest pattern. I just wish he would make his cuts a little further infield so he can generate some YACs up the sideline.
  • Tommy B came out in shotgun with a spread receiver formation to prevent the blitz and give himself some time. I also like the strategy of throwing to set up the run against a front four like New York has.
  • Ohhhh that Gronk pass up the seam. Ohhhhh boy oh boy that Gronk pass up the seam. Time to change my shorts - in a good way.
  • Guess who started Ridley today? Maybe the curse is broken!!!
  • Credit to Rex Ryan for his gameplan today. Against a young, inexperienced, ridiculously banged up defense, adding wrinkles like he did was a smart move. And it obviously paid off.
  • I don't even know why the Jets even bothered to throw all day.
  • Credit goes to Rob Ninkovich on that pick for getting in Geno's face and forcing the throw early. At the same time, Smith stared at David Nelson for so long on that throw he probably could have filed for sexual harassment.
  • Between Brandon Spikes and Dont'a Hightower trying to cover the underneath routes and the lack of big bodies on the interior of the line, I feel like the Jets could have called 2 plays all afternoon - power run up the gut and a shallow cross pattern - and just marched down the field at will.
  • How did Jeremy Kerley get so open all the time? Since when was he such a money receiver?
  • Around midway through the second quarter, I started to question whether or not the Jets were going to punt all day.
  • I always felt like Nick Folk never got enough credit as a kicker. That guy is as money as any kicker in the league and is automatic from pretty much any distance (except of course when he has to contend with an absurd penalty).
  • Not a good sign that, when Arrington proved completely unable to match up with Kerley, Marquice Cole got the nod to cover him.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, my impression of the punt coverage unit trying to tackle Julian Edelman.
  • Is it me, or were the refs calling a lot of offsides dead before the snap? Shouldn't that be a free play?
  • Don't feel bad, Antonio Allen. I'd hold Gronk too if I were you. Next time, maybe try just wrapping yourself around one of his legs and see what happens.
  • Dan Dierdorf wasn't a fan of Ridley high stepping into the end zone. I think more than anything he just got confused that Ridley was running funny.
  • Welcome back, Matthew Slater. That man doesn't get nearly enough credit.
  • Yesterday was chilly enough so that I watched the game with the window closed for the first time. It lasted until right after Stevan Ridley's touchdown - not because I was too hot, but because I noticed I really start to stink when I watch football games. There's something about PAS (Patriots Anxiety Sweat) that I may be able to sell to the US Government to aid in biological warfare.
  • Aren't you all glad I just shared that with you? Doesn't knowing I stink enrich all of your lives?
  • Hey, Jets...any interest in trading us Muhammad Wilkerson?
  • Chris Jones and Chandler Jones both registered sacks yesterday. Cue the "Keeping Up With the Jonses" jokes.
  • That Jamie Collins block in the back that negated great field position before halftime wasn't even necessary; Edelman was already by him. Who knows what that field position could have done for New England... possibly a completely different game.
  • Remember when it was 35-0 at halftime for this game last year? I miss that game.
  • Ugh...could have done without a pick six to start the 2nd. Pretty much anything except for that would have been fine.
  • Seriously - that interception changed the entire temperature of the game. Jets got all of their confidence back, the fans got right back in the game, the New England offense lost its rhythm, and the Jets offense found it.
  • That Cumberland PI call is the equivalent of a driver intentionally slamming on the brakes so he gets rear ended. If Cumberland had had a neck brace handy, he would have immediately put it on.
  • What the hell happened to the offensive line in that locker room at halftime?
  • Why does Hightower ever cover anybody, ever? Just send him in on a blitz every down.
  • Talk about a tale of two halves - literally from the opening kickoff to start the 3rd quarter this game was all New York and New England couldn't get a damn thing going. It wasn't even like they had trouble moving the ball - they didn't move it at all. Usually Belichick is the master of halftime adjustments, but he got as out-Belichicked as he could possibly have gotten yesterday and you have to give credit where credit is due.
  • What do you think is the best field position this team will ever start at coming off a kickoff this year? I say their own 33.
  • Hey a first down! I remember those!
  • How sad is it that I was happy to see Antonio Allen go down?
  • I can't tell whether Gronk lost the ball in the sun on that missed TD catch in the 2nd quarter or if it's simply a timing thing. Regardless, Gronk looked goods overall yesterday and that was a good first game for him.
  • It seems to me that Brandon Spikes has been guessing wrong on his gap blitzes more often than not this year.
  • Tommy B has to start seeing the whole field again. He has guys wide open sometimes and he never even looks their way.
  • Although the offensive line eventually settled back down, it was a little bit too late and the damage had been done. When you aren't converting 3rd downs, you aren't going to win games.
  • Why was Brady looking at his hand on the sidelines? What's going on? Is he OK? Does he need anything? Anything I can do?
  • Is Gronk hurt now too? Is he?
  • That one-handed Gronk drop made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. It would have been a spectacular catch, so you can't really knock him, but that was the game right there.
  • Is that Dobson sideline route ever going to come to fruition? That man is open more often than not.
  • Why did the Jets suddenly remember that New England can't stop Chris Ivory in overtime?
  • Hey Dierdorf - who are the Patriots missing on defense again? Want to run the list by me one more time?
  • You know what's even worse than a Pats loss? A Pats loss to the Jets in OT after a penalty negates a missed field goal and gives the Jets the field position they need to kick the game-winning field goal combined with and a loss in all of my fantasy leagues on the same damn day.
  • I wonder if any NFL quarterback in league history has ever started his career seesawing back and forth every week between great games and horrible games the way Geno Smith has. Looking at Geno's stats in 2013, it's uncanny how he lights it up every other game and stinks it up in between. Too bad we had to get him on an odd week; other than that pick six, he had a great game. The worst part is that he's going to throw five picks next Sunday.
  • Good Lord how I hate losing to the fricking Jets. This is the second game this season that a penalty gave the Jets a last-second win. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the basement.