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Patriots Release Zach Sudfeld; Vince Wilfork to IR

Two Patriots roster moves today - one a surprise, and one not so surprising.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

At first, he was Sudfeld. Shortly thereafter, he morphed into Studfeld. It didn't last long, though, and he quickly became known as Dudfeld. And with the Patriots announcing his release this afternoon, it looks like"I don't have a job...oh Crud"feld.

After a positively brilliant preseason, Zach Sudfeld has struggled mightily to make any real contributions on the field when it matters; in fact, the only time his name has been mentioned at all this 2013 season is when he was right around the ball during a costly turnover. Apparently the Patriots have seen enough, as they have decided to cut bait as opposed to hoping that he turns the corner and regains some of his August form. There's definitely a chance that they are hoping he clears waivers so they can put him on the practice squad and continue to foster his development without his taking up a roster spot, but for now don't expect to see Sudfeld's flowing locks chasing down an interception anytime soon.

The Patriots also officially announced the move of Vince Wilfork to IR, which was completely expected. This means that there is an additional open roster spot to coincide with the signing of Austin Collie, which will likely go towards promoting Marcus Forston or A.J. Francis to the active roster.