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GNOTD: RB Shane Vereen Returns to Pratice

Happy days! Patriots get some good news!

Jim Rogash

How about this for a change? The Patriots had running back Shane Vereen return to practice today, which should provide a huge boost to the offense down the road. Vereen broke his wrist in Week 1 and was placed on the IR, with designation to return. Vereen was required to sit out of practice for six weeks and had to miss eight games, with this upcoming game against the Steelers marking the eighth game. With the Patriots having a bye week in Week 10, Vereen should be back in action for Week 11.

The Patriots have missed Vereen's versatility in the offense and have used running back Brandon Bolden to take on most of his snaps out of the backfield. Vereen is a far superior receiver and pass blocker, so expect Vereen's return (as well as the improvement of Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola) to help out the Patriots anemic third down offense.

In other news, the Patriots had 100% attendance in practice, with defensive tackle Tommy Kelly returning to the field, as well as potential kick returner Leon Washington. Cornerback Aqib Talib practiced again and is eying a return against the Steelers and their strong #1 wide receiver in Antonio Brown.