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Jets Claim Sudfeld off Waivers

Zach Sudfeld was claimed by the New York Jets this afternoon.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Well isn't this a kick right in the pants.

As I reported yesterday, the Patriots parted ways with preseason sensation-turned-nonfactor Zach Sudfeld. The general consensus was that New England was hoping to sneak Sudfeld through the waiver wire in order to land him on the practice squad and continue to foster his development as a player without him taking up a roster spot. Well courtesy of the New York Jets, it would appear that Belichick's gamble didn't pay off, as the AFC East rivals claimed him earlier this afternoon.

Maybe it's a simple case of gamesmanship. Maybe the Jets are desperate for receivers. Maybe Rex Ryan just wanted to stick it to Bill Belichick. Maybe Ryan saw that Sudfeld wore a size 14 shoe and that was all she wrote. Whatever the reason, Zach Sudfeld is now a Jet and there isn't anything we can do about it.

Is it a huge loss? No. But you never like seeing a player go to a rival, and many of us (including yours truly) had hopes of seeing him earn a roster spot in the future. But there's no sense in dwelling on it. Time for a big game against the Bengals.