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Patriots vs. Bengals: Game Thread

Game thread for the New England Patriots week five match-up against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Note: This is the official Pats Pulpit game thread for the Patriots week five match-up against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Week after week, the New England Patriots keep picking up wins. But as we know, it has to end up some point... right?

For a lot of pundits, they've circled today's game against the Bengals as the game in which the Patriots will finally go down. The Patriots will certainly have their work cut out for them today. They're without top runner Stevan Ridley, they still don't have Rob Gronkowski, and their only receivers who aren't hobbled are Julian Edelman and Josh Boyce.

Nonetheless, I'm predicting the Patriots to win in this one. Getting Danny Amendola back is going to be a big boost for the offense. The Bengals could victimize the Patriots up the middle in the running back, but in the passing attack, I expect the Patriots to do everything they can to take away A.J. Green.

Greg's Prediction: Patriots 24 Bengals 20

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